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Sealed Listings are automatically approved and posted live.



 Sealed Tender Listing Options

What makes our service unique is that our clients hire and pay service providers by proximity (service provider nearest to point of service). Our service providers however are able to adjust their bid offers up or down. Seal bidding is perfect to control service providers taking advantage of bidding negatively.

What is sealed bidding listing

Sealed Bidding hides bidding amounts submitted by all bidders. On a seal bid, bidders will not see each others submitted bids.

  • Only the average bid amount is displayed. See example here.
  • Illustration > Two bidders submit bid offers . Bidder A offers to do a job for R500 and Bidder B offers to do the job for R2500.00. The average amount for the job will be displayed R1500 (500+2500 / 2 bids).

Now let’s assume Bidder C submits a bid offer for the job based on average bid value. Based on average bid value. Bidder A will easily get the job because his bid is at R500.00 and bidder C will not know that.

Advantages of Sealed Bidding

  • Sealed Bids appear above normal bids. So if five clients post unsealed or not featured tender. Sealed Bid will ranked first
  • Clients get best bid offers and save money.

How to post a project as a sealed bid

Very simple. See below when posting your project on step 2.