Quick steps on how to request other users to attend tender meetings, forward tenders and quotes for you or your behalf.

To make a proposal and request others to provide a service for you. Click Hire Me below
Send tenders on behalf of clients
On step 2 you will be directed to the screen below. Just click Send Message and proposal will be sent.
Attend briefing sessions on behalf of clients
If your proposal sent on Step 2 is accepted it will appear here.
We send tenders and quotes
  • You are getting there.
  • Now click on Make Escrow Payment .
  • The service provider will only attend a tender meeting. send documents on your behalf once you have put money on Escrow.
The service provider will now perform your request.
The awaiting delivery status will appear. here.
As soon as the delivery is done you will see the screen below.
Release payment and the service provider will be paid.

Congratulations. Service delivered, your service provider paid.