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Step 3: Submit Proposal

Only service providers can see the button below and are able to bid for jobs. Where tenders are closed or expired the button will not appear. Now once you click Submit a Proposal button you will be directed to the page below

Step 2 : Verify Email Address

Once you have completed your details on our registration page . To login you will need to confirm or verify your email address. Make sure you enable HTML view.

Step 1 : User Registration

The first step to access our website as service provider or service contractor is to register. Registration is absolutely free. No credit card required.

What are Service Contractors?

Service Contractors are clients or employers. These are individuals or businesses that are looking for freelancers also known as service providers who can travel to sites and attend compulsory meetings and various work on their behalf. Service contractors pay service providers through our market place. Using escrow, our service contractors can allocate funds on the […]

What services are provided by service providers

Freelancers are businesses or individuals registered on our website (free) to attend tender briefing meetings on behalf of our clients and get paid to perform various tasks .