Supply and Installation of HighMast
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    Victor Khanye Local Municipality

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Project Description

CIDB Grading – 6EP or higher. Evaluation Criteria: Functionality 80/20. 80 – Price. 20 – BBBEE Status Level. Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Art, No. 5 of 2017 and Supply Chain Management Policy of Victor Khanye Local Municipality will apply in the adjudication process. The evaluation of the acceptable proposals will be conducted in the following two stages: A system that awards points on the basis of 90 points for proposal price and 10 points for status level BBBEE. Original or certified copy of BBBEE certificate must be submitted, in case of a joint venture a joint BBBEE should be submitted. Bidders who do not submit BBBEE status level verification certificates (SANSAS) or Sworn Affidavit or are non-complaint contributors to BBBEE do not qualify for preference points for BBBEE but will not be disqualified from the Bidding process. They will score points out of 90 or 80 for price only and zero points out of 10 or 20 for BBBEE. Price should be VAT inclusive. A valid original Tax Clearance Certificate, original BBBEE Certificate, identification copy or company registration certificate, MBD2; MBD4; MBD6.1; MBD8 & MBD9 and current municipal account/lease agreement must be attached. Failure to attach the requested documents will result in a bid being non-responsive. Tenders duly, endorsed with the project number and description, must be placed in the tender box on or before 08 September 2017 at 10:00 at: the Municipal Offices, Samuel Road, Delmas or could be posted to the undermentioned address to be received before the dosing date and more information can be obtained from the contact person as specified above. Tenders received after the closing date and time, faxed, completed with pencil or e-mailed will not be considered. The Council reserves the right to accept to consider any tender not suitably endorsed or comprehensively completed. Tenders completed in pencil will be regarded as invalid tenders. Tenders should be valid for a period of not less than ninety (90) days. Appraisal of submissions will be done according to the Council’s Procurement Policy. Council reserves the right not to appoint if you do not hear from us within 90 days of the dosing date, please consider your tender unsuccessful.